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Educational Resources

Use these resources from USDA and Extension Partners as you learn more about healthy eating for kids!

MyPlate for Kids Place for Parents and Educators from the USDA

MyPlate for Kids Place for Parents and Educators from the USDA

There is a lot of information on the Web - how do you know what is accurate? Use these resources for researched-based nutrition education materials for kids to help with 4-H projects or just plain FUN!

MyPlate Kids' Place for Parents and Educators has resources that can help children make healthier choices. ChooseMyPlate.gov offers science-based advice to help kids and their parents build healthy meals and maintain or achieve a healthy weight. MyPlate Kids' Place provides online resources and tools for children to help them make wise choices in a fun and appealing way.

Parents and teachers are invited to use the MyPlate Kids' Place resources to deliver credible information and find "teachable moments" that will influence children's choices at home and at school.

Kids a Cookin'

Kids a Cookin
Explore Kids a Cookin' from Kansas State University Extension where "Cooking is Fun". Kids a Cookin' shares with children the fun and skills of cooking.

Food Fun from Apples to Zucchini from the University of Illinois Extension


University of Illinois Extension

Explore fun with food from the University of Illinois Extension!

4-H Food and Nutrition Curriculum

4-H Food and Nutrition Projects can be delicious and nutritious!  Help youth learn about how to have the right recipe for success. Plan, prepare, and present 4-H Food and Nutrition Projects. Check out our online catalog for Nebraska Food and Nutrition 4-H Curriculums.

For more info on how to cook up a great 4-H project, visit our 4-H Projects Page.

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Food Science

What is Food Science? Food Science is the discovery of:

  • Learning how ingredients react with each other when exposed to different temperature ranges.
  • Making predictions as to how recipes may turn out with different ingredient or mixing techniques.
  • Understanding how food production is impacted by the science of agriculture.
  • Using the five senses with sensory exploration.
  • Food Science can always provide a chance for kids to guess what might happen when they do their project and gives them a chance to analyze the results and experiment with varying ingredients.

Looking for something interesitng for an upcoming science fair? Want to focus on food? Explore simple experiments and activities that Penn State University has to offer for food science!

Iowa State University's Welcome to the Fabulous, Fascinating (& sometimes FREAKY) World of Food, for K - 8th graders. These experiments are meant to have some adult supervision. Elementary and pre-school age youth will require an adult present, but all ages will enjoy the results!

Explore eXtension for objective, research-based and credible information you can use every day to improve your life! There are lots of resource areas to choose from for communities, families, and youth, as well as many related to agriculture. Look at some of the terrific ideas under Food, Families, and Fitness for some fune with your 4-H'ers and your family!



Join 4-H

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Interested in learning more about 4-H and Foods? Join the 4-H program in your county and get cooking! 4-H provides many fun opportunities for youth to learn about food preparation and meal planning for healthy families, or for a future career.


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