Healthy Tips & Recipes

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Woman looking at a recipe on an iPad

Recipe Central

Enjoy healthy cooking from your own kitchen. Use recipes from Nebraska Extension to get started.

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Girl and boy cooking with their grandpa

Cooking with Kids

Check out these recipes for creative ways to spend time in the kitchen with your kids. Remember, adult supervision is always recommended when kids do any cooking in the kitchen!

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variety of fresh produce

Seasonal Produce

Find information on how to select, store, and prepare a variety of seasonal produce. Recipes and the nutritional benefits of eating each produce are also provided.

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Budget Friendly

Eating healthy on a budget is possible when you make a plan, shop smart, and prepare healthy meals.

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Woman shopping in a grocery store

Meal Preparation Tips

Simple tips for planning, purchasing, and preparing meals.

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Ingredients measured for muffins

Cooking Tips

Tools, tips, substitutions, recipe conversions, temperatures and more.

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