Fueling Your Walk with Foods from the Farmers Market

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farmers marketRegular physical activity, such as walking, is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Balancing exercise with the right amount of food is a tried and true way to maintain a healthy body. Going to farmers markets is a great way to combine physical activity and healthy eating while enjoying the outdoors and supporting local farmers.

Why shop at the farmers market?
The foods available at the market are often picked less than 24 hours before you buy them. This means that the fruits and vegetables you are buying are at the peak of freshness.

At the farmers market you may come across a new fruit or vegetable you are unfamiliar with. The farmer that grew and harvested this unique food is right there and always willing to give advice on how to store, prepare, and enjoy their produce. If you are someone who is curious about farming practices, talking to the farmer is also a great way to learn about how your food is grown.

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