Cooking Tools, Tips and Techniques

chopping herbs

Begin with the Right Tools

Having the right kitchen tools can make cooking easier and more fun! However, you don't need every tool in the store. Before you buy that next piece of kitchen equipment, check the following tips and suggestions.


Add Flavor with Herbs, Spices


Conversions and Recipe Size Reductions

Reducing the Size of Recipes
Directions for cutting recipes in half or thirds, plus equivalent measures.

Temperature Conversions for Fahrenheit to Celsius; Convert Metric and Standard Measurements

How to Interpret Can Sizes
Some favorite older recipes may call for can sizes such as a Number 2 or a Number 303 can. Here's a chart to help you determine how these correspond to current can measurements.

Standard Measurement Equivalent Chart
Need a pint instead of 2 Cups? Find equivalent measurements in this PDF chart.

Ingredient Substitutions

Often for lack of an ingredient, a recipe is ruined, an extra trip to the store is required, or you must buy a large container of an ingredient for just a teaspoon or two needed in a recipe.

Preventing Food Waste