Be Active this Fall: 5 Family-Friendly Ways

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  1. Make a Maze in the Leaves. Buy a child size plastic rake so your children can help you create a maze. Then when they are done playing in the maze they can help rake the leaves into piles. Let your children enjoy jumping in the piles of leaves. Surprise them and jump in with them. Children of all ages enjoy when their parents join in the fun, even if it's met with groaning or eye rolling. Show your children that it's okay to be playful at any age.
  2. Go for a Family Bike Riding Adventure. Search on-line for family friendly bike trails in your community. If your community doesn't have bike trails search for safe biking routes in your neighborhood or surrounding neighborhoods. While on your bike ride be sure to take time for rest breaks and enjoy the changes of fall going on around you.
  3. Pumpkin Patch or Orchard Outing. Every year we try to find a new pumpkin patch or orchard to visit in the fall. You may be surprised how many different places you will find near and far to visit. Children are usually more likely to try a fruit or vegetable they pick or get from an orchard.
  4. Ready, Set, Go Scavenger Hunt. A scavenger hunt could be done in your yard, neighborhood or park. Create a list or look for one on-line. Here are some items that could be included on your fall scavenger hunt:

Great Recipes for Fall. It may not technically be a physical activity but food preparation together with family requires a certain amount of energy. Children of all ages can play a role in preparing the recipe. Below are a few nutritious and delicious fall recipes to try.


       Pumpkin Muffins            Roasting Pumpkin Seeds      Spicy Pumpkin Shake

Source: Garden Scavenger Hunt, Nebraska Extension in Lancaster County