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walking signWith all those "apps" out there to help with everything from where to go on a vacation to how to file your taxes, it should be no surprise that there are many apps out there that can help you with your walk to wellness! Don't get lost in your journey to decide what to download! Check out some of these apps to guide you on your way to walking with your smart phone for company (no brand preference suggested*, just have fun finding the app for you!)

Nike+ Move (Free)

  • Nike+ Move is useful for the beginner and has an easy to learn interface. Nike+ Move can measure when, where, and how you moved and uses NikeFuel to motivate you. You're encouraged to move more often and win as many hours as you can throughout the day. The app shows how you moved with a breakdown of running, walking, and other movement.  It gets social too, letting you compare your activity with that of friends and other Nike+ Move users.

Pedometer++ (Free)

  • The Pedometer++ is basic, but it offers pedometer functionality.  It lets you keep track of your daily and weekly step counts. You can set the app to show your current step count as an applications badge on the iPhone's home screen. You can set goals and Pedometer++ will let you know when they have been reached.  Steps are also translated into distances.

RunKeeper (Free)

  • The RunKeeper app will track walks longer than 15 minutes throughout the day and records them in a daily log. Runs are also tracked, and steps per minute included in the data of each running activity. You can then compare your workouts, seeing elevation, stride length, and more.

New apps are created almost daily. Visit the app store on your smart phone, download an app, and go on your fitness journey! (Make sure your phone is charged so you get credit for all your steps). It's a fun way to change up your walking routine and increase your physical activity with happy, "appy" steps!

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