Wear Layers Being Active Outdoors

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It is usually a good idea to dress in layers when you work out, no matter what time of year it is. In Nebraska, the weather can change quickly, so by wearing layers, you can always make adjustments to zip up, unzip, or remove. Reaching for your favorite t-shirt when you exercise may be habit, but cotton, once wet, has little or no insulating value. Here are the layers you should think about wearing:

  1. The inner layer (next to your skin). You'll want to keep your skin comfortable and dry. Look for fabrics that will transport moisture from your skin to the outer layer you're wearing.
  2. The middle layer (temperature control). These are the adjustable garments that offer insulation even if they get damp from sweat or from rain or snow.
  3. The outer layer (wind and water resistance). This layer is designed to protect you from the wind and the cold

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