Meat Cuts Identification

New Beef Cuts

Chris Calkins and new beef cuts

University of Nebraska IANR photo

University of Nebraska-Lincoln meat scientist Chris Calkins shows some of the new cuts of beef resulting from ongoing muscle profiling research.

He—s holding, from left to right:

  • boneless, country-style beef chuck ribs
  • Delmonico steaks.

On the table in front of Calkins is America—s Beef Roast

In front, left to right:

  • Denver Cut steaks
  • more boneless, country-style chuck ribs

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Please see the Meat Preparation and Cookery Methods page for recipes and more information on using meat cuts.

These learning aids have been developed in the Meat Science area at UNL to assist not only students, but anyone involved in the meat industry.

  • The 3D Porcine Myology and 3D Bovine Myology and muscle profiling tools developed at UNL.  These computer applications allow you to look at the beef or pork carcass in a 3D model.

A Bovine Myology CD can be ordered through NCBA's KCR distribution system by calling 800-368-3138 or emailing and referencing item number 12-801.