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  • January: Sorting Food Facts & Myths - Foods Marketed as  Being Free of Hormones and GMOs
  • February: Sorting Food Facts and Myths - Do Foods Labeled as "Natural" Deliver on Your Expectations?
  • March:  Is This Food Still Safe to Eat? Frequently Asked Questions
  • April/May: Would Your Kitchen Pass a Food Safety Inspection?
  • June/July: Are You Avoiding Some Healthy Foods Because of Sugar? 
  • August: Helpful and Healthy Food Resources and Recipes Available 24/7/365


  • No Newsletter in January and February
  • March: Treating Your Body Like a Computer — Trouble-Shooting Tips
  • April: Leftover Makeovers and Refrigerator Reboots
  • September-October: FREE Food Related Photo Sources


  • January: Wishing You a Healthy, Happy New Year
  • February: 6 Ways to Workout While Cooking
  • March: 14 Ways Consumers Can Reduce Food Waste
  • May: Emergency Office Munchies
  • July: Sitting is the New Smoking
  • August / September: The Power of One Dietary Change in Losing Weight
  • No newsletter in October
  • November / December: Read This Before Reading Another Sensationalized Food Article on the Internet

Selected Past Newsletters


  • December: Tiny Tastes Can Total Big Calories over Winter Holidays
  • December: Staying Active over the Holidays
  • November: Avoid Guessing about Holiday Food Safety
  • January:  Bowl Game Plan for Healthy Eating
  • October/November: Healthy (and FUN!) Holiday Gifts for YOU!
  • June/July: Walking off the Midway Munchies

General Timeliness

  • June: Nuts for Nutrition
  • February: Cooking for 1 or 2
  • March: How Should You Spent Your Calorie Salary?
  • April: Prevent Portion Distortion
  • May: 30 MyPlate Steps to a Healthier You
  • January / February: Test Your Salt Savvy
  • March/April: What You Should Know about the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2010
  • February: 13 Fun Ways to Eat More Fruits and Vegetables
  • January: Save Some Green by Going Green with Your Grocery Shopping
  • August/September: Do You REALLY Know How Much You Eat? (Quiz)
  • February: Picture This: Taste AND Nutrition!
  • May: Walk, and Enjoy the View!
  • July: Are You Winning the "Fruit & Vegetable Bowl Game"?
  • January: Decoding Food Product Dates

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