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IMPORTANT NOTE: January 2013 through December 2010 Cook It Quick newsletters have been removed from the archives. You have been re-directed to this page if you were looking for one of these earlier newsletters so you can see what is currently available. 



Foil-Baked Veggies ●Old Fashioned Bread PuddingCooking Dry Beans from Scratch Can be Quick ● Easy Ground Beef Recipes from Your Freezer ● Making an Olive Oil Salad Dressing ● Toasting Nuts and Seeds using Microwave, Oven or Stove-Top ● How to Substitute Tomato Sauce for Other Forms of Tomatoes  ● Cooking Healthy Meals for 1 or 2: A Checklist ● Reducing the Size of Recipes ● Basic Foods for Cupboard, Fridge & Freezer ● Ingredient Substitutions ● Is It Safe to Refreeze Raw Meat and Poultry that Has Thawed?


● Holiday Food Mixes in a Jar ● California Walnut Granola ● Helpful Winter Holiday Food Preparation, Safety & Healthy Eating  Holiday Food Preparation with Young Children   Perfectly Pumpkin Recipe Collection ● Vegetable Snowman ● How to Stick to a Diabetes Meal Plan during the Holidays  Freezing Prepared Foods  ● Sending Food Gifts to the Military  Traveling with Food to Gatherings of Family and Friends ● Should You Refrigerate Pumpkin Pie? 


  • January, 2015 - No Newsletter
  • February, 2015

    Berry Good Pancakes ● 4-Ingredient Guacamole ● Manly Muffin Meat Loaf ● A "Nutritionally Hot" Recipe for Oatmeal ● Some "Red" Hot Ideas for Valentine's Day ● Corn Soup ● Oven-Barbecued Pork Chops ● Avoiding a Green Ring Around Hard-Boiled Egg Yolks ● Choosing the Best Apple for Your Recipe ● Preparing for a Weather Emergency ● $ave Money by Knowing When Food is Safe ● Choosing & Using a Kitchen Food Thermometer
  • March, 2015

    Easy Black Bean & Cheese Quesadillas ● Pineapple Pork ● 4 Green Fruit Snack Recipes for Kids of All Ages on  St. Pat's Day ● 10 Quick & Easy Homemade Popcorn Seasonings ● Parsnips & Carrots with Orange Butter ● Kicking Up the Flavor of an Egg Salad Sandwich with ONE Addition ● How to Go for the GREEN on St. Patrick's Day ● How Long Can You Store Commercially Canned Food? ● How to Prolong the Life of Bananas ● Reducing the Size of Recipes ● Food Storage Chart for Cupboard/Pantry, Refrigerator & Freezer ● Safe Ways to Thaw Meat 
  • April, 2015 

    Chicken Strata a La King ● Contrast Snack Mix ● How to Make a Casserole from What's on Hand ● Orange Banana Frosty ● Fruit Muesli ● Growing and Preparing Loose Leaf Lettuce ● Tray-Freezing Raw Peppers ● Healthy Cooking with Fresh Herbs ● 14 Ways Consumers Can Reduce Food Waste ● Can You Identify These Long-Forgotten Leftovers? ● FoodKeeper App — a Tool for Smart Food Storage ● Kitchen Spring Cleaning 
  • May 2015 - no newsletter
  • June 2015

    Cheesy Broccoli Baked Potatoes ● Cool Drinks ● Enjoy a Garden Fresh Sandwich for a Light Meal ● Salsa Yogurt Dip ● Strawberry Smoothie and Popsicle ● Touchdown Taco Salad ● Rainbow Fruit & Cheese Kabobs ● How to Freeze Milk and Cheese ● Spinach Lasagna ● Tuna Melt Sandwich ● BBQ Chicken and Cheddar Foil Packet Dinner ● Pleasin' Yogurt Breakfast Parfait
  • July 2015

    Confetti Bean Salsa ● "Pudding Faces" Add More Milk to Kids' Meals ● Easy-Does-It Mango Sauce ● Tomato Basil Bruchetta ● It's a Wrap ● Banana in a Blanket ● Southwestern Bean Salad ● Chocolate Berry Smoothie ● Have You Tried Kohlrabi? ● Canning & Freezing Pinterest Board on Safe and UNSAFE Home Food Preservation Practices ● Is an Egg that Floats Still Safe & Other Egg Safety Tips ● Properly Wash Fresh Produce to Prevent Foodborne Illness
  • August 2015

    ZUCCHINI — Cooking. Freezing. Recipes ● How to Make Freezer Jam ● Roasting Beets ● Confetti Beef Tacos ● BBQ Chicken and Cheddar Foil Packet Dinner ● Basic Scrambled Eggs ● Have a "Shot" of Dessert ● Cook Pasta in  Half the Time with Angel Hair Pasta ● How to Keep Cut Fruit from Turning Brown ● Fruits that Continue to Ripen after They're Picked ● How to Substitute Tomato Sauce for Other Forms of Tomatoes ● Recommended Refrigerator and Freezer Temperatures 

  • September 2015 
  • No newsletter in October

  • November 2015

  • December 2015 


  • September 2014

    Uncooked Refrigerator / Freezer Jam ● Clean Out the Fridge Potato Salad ● Olive Oil Salad Dressing ● Freezer Mashed Potatoes ● Peach Cooler ● Salsa Fresca ● Prairie Potato Wedges ● How to Choose 36 Common Cooking Tools ● How to Use a Chef's Knife ● Wash Produce that Will Be Peeled or Eaten from the Peel 
  • August 2014

    Dill Cucumber Sauce ● How to Chop an Onion without Crying ● What's the Difference between Sugar Snap, Snow, and Garden Peas? ● What to Do with Zucchini ● How to Store Tomatoes: Refrigerator or Counter? Shoulders Up or Down? ● How to Freeze Onions, Peppers, Zucchini, Beans, Corn & More ● Foil-Baked Veggies ● 13 Fresh Herb Garnish Ideas ● Check Our Pinterest "Canning & Freezing" Board for Safe & Successful Home Food Preservation Tips ● How to "Chiffonade" Herbs & Other Cooking with Herbs Tips ● Short-Term Kitchen Storage of Potatoes, Onions & Garlic
  • July 2014

    Simple Delicious Snap Peas ● Tabbouleh ● Freezing Bell, Sweet & Hot Peppers ● Baked Kale Chips ● Summertime Steak Salad ● Keep Your Cool (in the kitchen) this Summer! ● Spinach Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing ● Eggplant with Tomatoes ● Become a Produce Pro (food safety) ● Creamy Dip for Veggies ● Chicken Fajitas
  • June 2014 (no newsletter in May)

    Sumptuous Smoothies & Shakes ● Santa Fe Stuffed Potatoes ● Handling Food Safely on the Road ● Chicken Enchilda Casserole ● Mini Ham & Egg Quiches ● Barbecue and Food Safety ● Apple Smiles ● Easy Strawberry Shortcake ● Food Safety while Hiking, Camping & Boating ● Tuna Melt Sandwich ● Grilling Fish
  • April 2014

    Jiffy Oatmeal Crunch ● BBQ Chicken Pizza ● Stuffed Bell Pepper ● Baked Lentils Casserole ● Quick Black Bean Soup ● Apple Coffee Cake ● Bachelor Food ● 20-Minute Chicken Creole ● Measurement Equivalents ● How Does Your Club Stack Up? ● How to Chill Foods Properly ● Safe Grocery Shopping
  • March 2014

    Go for the Green on St. Pat's! ● Chocolate Chip Yogurt Cookies ● Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Onions ● Old Fashioned Bread Pudding ● Sweet Potato Casserole ● Salmon with Mustard Sauce ● Prolonging the Life of Bananas ● Our 6 Combined Recipe Collections (Recipe Central) ● Making a Meal with What's on Hand ● Selecting & Serving Seafood Safely ● Interactive "Save Time - Microwave It! Zmag
  • February

    Apple Quinoa Salad ● Quick Granola Bars ● Black Bean & Corn Salsa ● No-Salt Sloppy Joe Seasoning Mix ● Guacmole on the Go! ● Roasted Broccoli and Red Peppers ● Roasting Nuts / Trail Mix ● How to substitute tomato sauce for catsup, soup, etc. ● How to freeze raw onions ● Reducing the size of recipes ● Food storage: fridge, cupboard, pantry
  • No newsletter in January

Cook It Quick's Goal

Cook It Quick Newsletter

Our goal is to make you "hungry for healthy food" by offering tips and delicious, quick-to-prepare, inexpensive recipes.

Preparing these recipes and using the tips will help you increase consumption of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy products. At the same time, you will reduce sodium, solid fats, and calories. Food safety tips are included. 

Feel free to use/adapt Cook It Quick  material when an article is written entirely by me for your own articles, blogs, handouts, etc. An example credit line is:  Authored by or Adapted from Alice Henneman, MS, RDN, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension, Cook It Quick web materials. 


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