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SINKsink those germsGERMS: Wash Your Hands!

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Sink Those Germs Poster and other FREE handwashing materialsAlice Henneman, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension
Joyce Jensen, REHS, CP-FS, Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department

Promote handwashing to youth with these "Sink Those Germs: Wash Your Hands!" materials.

Use separately as handouts or posters. Or, use them for a bean bag toss game. Use at:

  • Health Fairs
  • Day Care Centers
  • School Classes
  • Youth Meetings
  • Home

To Play as a Bean Bag Game

Youth try to "sink germs" by tossing bean bag "germs" into a container. The game uses 6 bean bags to correspond with the 6 times it is important to wash hands.

Included in the materials is a coloring sheet that youth can take home with them. Optional materials are provided so a prize drawing can be used with the game.

Below are the educational materials you will need — provided in PDF format. If you plan to use the materials to play a "toss" game, you also will need:

  1. A container of some type (such as a plastic tote or cardboard box).
  2. Six bean bags. (Any small bean bags, about 3-inches across, would work — we used "EduBug™ BeanBags.")

The following materials print well both in black and white or color. Vertical and horizonal versions are provided. Mix and match the pieces which would work best for your situation.

"Sink Those Germs" in Action

tossing a bean bag

choosing a bean bag


The "germs" placed on the "Wash Your Hands After ..." sheet
Talking about handwashing while selecting a bean bag to toss
Getting ready to "Sink Those Germs" by tossing a bean bag into the container

Downloadable Materials

LABEL — Put on the side(s) of the container used to toss bean bag "germs" in.



Sink Germs
Vertical Version

Sink Germs
Horizontal Version


SHEET TO PLACE BEAN BAGS ON — As youth lift the bags, they "discover" 6 reasons to wash hands.

Or, use as a POSTER. And/or use as a LABEL to put on side(s) of the container.

Wash Your Hands
Vertical Version

Wash Your Hands
Horizontal Version


PROMOTIONAL SIGN (version for use WITHOUT a drawing)


promotional sign
Vertical Version

promotional sign
Horizontal Version


PROMOTIONAL SIGN (version for use WITH a drawing)

FORM FOR DRAWING — This form asks for name and phone number (to contact winner of drawing). Also on form is "I promise to 'SINK GERMS' by washing my hands!"

promotional sign
Vertical Version

Form to collect names for a drawing


2 PAGE ACTIVITY SHEET — This handout reinforces the game and can be sent home with youth.
activity sheets

2-Page Activity Sheets