September: Where to Walk is Just as Important as When to Walk

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Finding a place to walk can often be as challenging as finding time to go for a walk. Both take a little planning to be successful.

Explore your community to find out possible walking locations and routes. Whether large or small, rural or urban, there are safe places to walk. Consider these possibilities:

  • sidewalkYour Neighborhood: Are sidewalks present? If so, are they flat or are they crumbly or bumpy from tree roots? Uneven surfaces can be safety concerns. If sidewalks are not present, how much traffic is on the street or road? Is it safe to walk on the road? If sharing the space with cars, walk so you are facing oncoming traffic so that you can see the vehicles. Be sure to dress so that vehicles can see you.
  • Business Districts: This may be some blocks in the downtown business area or a shopping mall.
  • Community, City or State Parks and Recreation Areas: Most all of these having walking trails or green space to walk.
  • Schools: Check with your local school to see if the gym is open for walkers. With increased security measures, this is more difficult to arrange but ask anyway.
  • Community Buildings and Areas: Check out the city auditorium, community center or local fairgrounds. Is there a YMCA or similar facility available?

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