Keeping Walking Fun

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Walking is a fun, inexpensive way to include valuable physical activity in your day. It can be done anywhere, at any time. If you don't shake it up a bit, walking may get monotonous. Here are a few ways to break up that routine:


  • Walk with a friend if you usually walk alone. Or take your family. It may not be as fast, but others point out things you may not see, and make the time fly!
  • Take a different route. See something new. Try watching a movie if you are walking on the treadmill. It will encourage you to walk longer.
  • Use a pedometer. Wearing one all day will be a gentle reminder to keep moving. Parking further away in the parking lot or taking the stairs will help.
  • Listen to upbeat tunes on a portable device. MP3 players, walking radios, etc... are all great ways to kick up your heels while you are walking.

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