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Adult NEP classes are taught individually or in small groups at agency or community sites. Each lesson includes hands-on learning activities to help you apply what you'll learn in class to daily life. You will complete lessons that teach the basics of nutrition, planning meals, making a food budget, reading food labels, eating a balanced diet by following the USDA MyPlate recommendations, and more. When you complete seven lessons, you'll receive a graduation certificate and an NEP enhancement item that supports your new healthy lifestyle.


Youth NEP classes take place at a variety of community sites, including preschools, out-of-school programs, and summer youth camps. NEP also teaches during the school day in qualifying schools. NEP youth learn about hand-washing, food safety, healthy snacks, healthy beverages, MyPlate, physical activity, breakfast, food preparation and kitchen safety.

Check Eligibility

Classes are offered to SNAP-eligible audiences. Click here to check if you're eligible for SNAP. For information about in-person nutrition lessons, find your local NEP representative using our NEP directory.


If you would like to get involved with one of our community programs, contact your SNAP-Ed agent or educator using the NEP directory.

  • Double Up Food Bucks

    Nebraska Double Up Food Bucks gives Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients up to $20 per day in fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers and retailers.

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    Go Nutrition and Physical Activity Self-Assessment for Child Care (Go NAP SACC) walks child care providers through five simple steps to make healthy changes to their program.

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  • Growing Together Nebraska

    Growing Together Nebraska (GTN) is a SNAP-Ed funded donation garden project that increases food security and promotes healthy food access for families and individuals who are food insecure.

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  • Marathon Kids

    Marathon Kids is a national running program designed to motivate kids by utilizing running logs, boost their activity, and introduce them to the joy of running!

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  • School Enrichment Nutrition Kits

    Nebraska Extension's Nutrition School Enrichment Kits include lessons and supplies for grade-specific, hands-on learning activities to teach students about health, nutrition and physical activity.

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  • School Wellness

    School wellness policies are an important part in creating an environment to support the well-being of students and staff. Nebraska Extension can serve a valuable role in helping your school to promote healthy eating and physical activity that support your wellness policy.

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Additional Food Assistance Programs and Information

Families who are participating in NEP may also want to explore these resources.