How to Take The Hassle Out of Feeding Breakfast to Overnight Guests

How to take the hassle out of feeding breakfast to overnight guests - coffee cup with smiley face

Alice Henneman, MS, RDN

Do you  look forward to having your family or friends stay over, but trying to feed everyone in the morning is such a hassle. Everyone's getting up at different times, some like to eat right away and some don't. Others like a big breakfast and others only want coffee.

Consider setting out a help-yourself buffet for whenever they're hungry. Rather than try to get everyone seated at the same time in the morning, sometimes, it's just easier to take them as they come. Especially if there are younger folks who stay up late and get up late.

Here are some ideas to get you started—modify as works best for you:

  • Set up a buffet area with an assortment of plates, silverware, glasses and cups. It may work best to do this the night before.
  • "Train" early risers the night before how to make coffee (or tea) in your kitchen. They'll probably appreciate being able to enjoy a cup right away when they get up. And you can catch a few extra winks.
  • Set out boxes of cereal.
  • Keep the milk and juice(s) in the fridge. Direct people as needed both the night before and in the morning.
  • Set out bananas — good for topping cereal or just eating out of hand.
  • Put a variety of wrapped breads and possibly bagels by your toaster. Include a cutting board and knife. Keep jams, jellies and butter in the fridge and notify early risers the night before of their location. Set them out when you get up. If people come to your buffet more than a couple of hours apart, refrigerate your spreads between uses.

Become the hostess with the mostest rather than a short-order cook for company. Enjoy leisurely coffee and conversation as guests visit your breakfast buffet. After all, isn't that what having company is all about!