Food Preservation & Storage

Storing Your Own Products In Your Home

When to Harvest Fruits & Vegetables: This NebGuide provides information on the proper ways and times to harvest fruits and vegetables for the best quality and storage.

Storing Fresh Fruits & Vegetables for Better Taste, UC Davis PostHarvest Technology

Tips on preparing, storing, canning and recipes: Connects you to the "Seasonal Recipes & Preparing" page on our website, this page is broken into a chart of the four seasons to help you easily flip through and find the fruit or vegetable you are looking for.

Storing Fresh Fruits and Vegetables: This NebGuide explains proper storage methods and conditions for fresh fruits and vegetables including harvest methods and in garden storage.

Canning & Freezing Safely & Successfully: A Quiz by Alice Henneman

 Small-Scale Cold Rooms for Perishable Commodities: Details the planning, choices, expenses, etc.

Building a Root Cellar in Your Home: A root cellar is an easy and inexpensive way to store root crops, winter squash, and some other homegrown produce.

Build a Basement Root Cellar by Steve Maxwell: Storing crops in a passively cooled basement root cellar is one of the most efficient ways to preserve food.

Building a Root Cellar or Pantry into Your Basement Design by Rachel Machacek: Ditch that energy-sucking (and jam-packed) second fridge and build a root cellar or cool pantry into your basement design. Learn how here.

Root Cellaring: Natural Cold Storage of Fruits & Vegetables by Mike Bubel: Anyone can learn to store fruits and vegetables safely and naturally with a cool, dark space (even a closet!) and the step-by-step advice in this book.

The Complete Root Cellar Book: Building Plans, Uses and 100 Recipes by Steve Maxwell: This book takes a fresh look at the art, science and romance of building and stocking a root cellar. There are detailed illustrated construction guides for making four different kinds of root cellars that are functional and attractive. These include never-before-seen models for apartment and condo dwellers and home owners without a basement.