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December Food Calendar

December Food Calendar

December food word artClick on a Quick Link to find TIPS, RECIPES, and RESOURCES related to the day, week or month. Or simply scroll down the page.

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Food Calendar

UNL Extension's Calendar of Food Days, Weeks, and Months is a monthly, web-based food-themed calendar. It provides resources for selected national food-themed days, weeks, and months.

We hope this provides you inspiration for blogs, tweets, programs, and articles.

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Eat a Red Apple Day (December 1)

red apple

Fruits and vegetables have been shown to reduce risk of heart disease, stroke, and some cancers. Most of us have heard the phrase "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." The best part about including apples into your diet is that they are low in calories and high in dietary fiber. Check out these 4 recipes to enjoy apples anytime.

The Youth / 4-H section of our website offers these fun recipes for enjoying that red apple:

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Pie Day (December 1)

pieCelebrate today by enjoying your favorite piece of pie. Choose MyPlate guidelines suggest balancing your calories. One tip from the guidelines is to enjoy your food, but eat less of it. Another tip is to avoid oversized portions. By following these guidelines, eating pie can become a part of a healthy lifestyle.

Try one of these recipes to enjoy on Pie Day:

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Make a Gift Day (December 3)

cookie mix in a jarHere are some homemade food gift ideas from various Extension Offices around the nation:

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Cookie Day (December 4)

Enjoy these cookie recipes from our website:cookie

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Microwave oven Day (December 6)

microwave ovenSave Time - Microwave It! - New! Interactive Magazine (UNL Extension Zmag publication)
Need a quick meal?   Explore how to use your microwave oven for quick, easy and safe meal ideas. This interactive digital PDF magazine is packed full of videos, pop-ups and URLs to other resources.

Enjoy these microwave recipes from the our website:

Make sure you know how to use the microwave safely! Many families use microwave ovens to prepare food, but accidents can occur if appliance is not used properly. Read about microwave safety do's and don'ts from UNL Extension.

Learn the latest about using your microwave oven safely and effectively from USDA on Microwave Ovens and Food Safety.

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Brownie Day (December 8)


Enjoy these brownie recipes from Extension websites:

You can substitute unsweetened applesauce or plain yogurt for oil in most bakery recipes, such as brownies and cakes. Yogurt could change the acidity of the ingredients which might affect baking soda.

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Ice Cream Day (December 13)

ice creamWe all scream for ice cream. Check out these delicious ice cream recipes:

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Oatmeal Muffin Day (December 19)

muffinAdding oatmeal to your muffins gives them a nutritional boost! Oatmeal is classified as a whole grain and can help reduce blood cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, and obesity. Grabbing an oatmeal muffin makes a perfect on-the-go breakfast option. Make sure to add a glass of low-fat or nonfat milk on your way out. The best way to celebrate Oatmeal Muffin Day is to try one of these recipes:

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Pumpkin Pie Day (December 25)

pumpkin piePumpkin is an excellent source of vitamin A. Pumpkin pie is a great way to get vitamin A into your diet.

Try these delicious recipes:

Additional pumpkin recipes:

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Handwashing Awareness Week (1st Full Week of December)

handwashingFor the latest information on handwashing, check out CDC’s Handwashing: Clean Hands Save Lives.

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Egg Nog Month
egg nogBeware of drinking eggnog made with raw eggs during the holidays! Many older classic holiday recipes call for raw eggs. This cooking practice is not considered safe because of possible Salmonella infection. Here are some resources if you want to drink eggnog:

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Food Safety Tips for the Holiday

holiday mealMake sure to keep your family and friends safe during the holidays. Food safety may not be important for you during the holidays, but it is essential in order to keep your family and friends from getting a foodborne illness. These resources will help keep your family and friends safe during the holidays:

For additional turkey safety tips, see our Thanksgiving section.

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Fruit Cake Month

fruit cake

The University of Illinois Extension wrote a great article about Fruitcake for the Holidays. The article stated, "Fruitcake is traditionally a heavy spiced cake that includes lots of dried and/or candied fruits and nuts." At the end of the article they include an Orange Slice "Fruit" Cake recipe.

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Healthy Holiday Tips

holiday mealAvoiding Holiday Weight Gain (Not a special day ... but a recurring theme throughout the month!)

Check out these great resources to help you have a healthier holiday:

Extra calories can sneak in over the holidays. They don't always come in large portions, but can tiptoe in through tiny tastes throughout the day. We hope you enjoy viewing our slide show and learning more! (Directions for downloading a related PowerPoint are found below the slide show.)

LINK for downloading FREE "Tiny Tastes Total BIG Calories over the Winter Holidays" PowerPoint

  1. IMPORTANT: RIGHT click on the ABOVE red link. A pop-up box should appear.
  2. LEFT Click on the option offered by your browser: Either "Save target as..." or "Save link as..."

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Pear Month

pearMany fruits are out of season during the winter months. Pears are available fresh during this time.  Check out these pear resources:

For more information regarding pears, check out

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Safe Toys and Gifts Month

toyMany children receive toys during the holidays. Make sure to check that the toys are safe by looking at these great resources:

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