Canning, Freezing, and Drying

rows of canning jars filled with green beans

Find the information you need on canning, freezing, and drying by following these links


Provides you with general directions, as well as sections dedicated to just fruits, vegetables, tomatoes and tomato products; meats, poultry and seafood; pickles and fermented products; jellies, jams and preserves. Read more

Before you begin, be sure  you have the latest information about using your canner, up-to-date canning practices, and unsafe canning practices.


Divided into special instructions for freezing fruits, vegetables, meats and other products; meals or advanced food preparation, and also answers to basic questions such as which foods freeze well. Read more


Information and resources are provided on dehydrators and on dehydrating vegetables, herbs, fruits and fruit leathers, and jerkies. Read more NOTE: Tomatoes are in the fruit section.

Food Preservation Contacts