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Sleep Deficiency has been identified as a public health problem with links to the development of chronic disease and an impact on safety.

Sleepless in Nebraska can help you get better sleep tonight.

Sleepless in Nebraska
1 out of 4 people

1 out of 4
Nebraskans are sleep deprived

Sleep rules every moment of our lives, yet it is overlooked and underutilized as an aspect of health in American lives. Both adults and children are sleeping far below the recommended hours. A staggering 73.7% of Nebraska high school students report getting less than 8 hours of sleep each night while 31.1% of Nebraska adults are getting less than 7 hours! Get ready to sleep better tonight with Sleepless in Nebraska.

Participants of this program will:

  • Learn research-based facts about why sleep matters, current recommendations, daily habits that interfere with a good night's sleep, and the detrimental effects a lack of sleep can cause.
  • Understand the impact of sleep habits on mental health and how to mitigate risk of developing mental health disorders through adequate sleep.
  • Discover new sleep tips and tricks to customize their own routine for better sleep.

P.S. Yawning is allowed during this presentation

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Excellent presentation, fun and practical presentation.

I do everything I’m not supposed to do. Sleep with my cat, drink wine, no bedtime routine, sleep in like a teenager on the weekends, little exercise, lots of lights from my 15-floor window. Eat late. I’m going to try one thing at a time. Make that a habit. Add another thing.

The sleep statistics were very interesting and alarming.

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73% of youth participants said they were planning on making a behavior change to improve their quality of sleep because of program participation