FREE Prevent Portion Distortion PowerPoint

FREE PowerPoint, Handout  (English & Spanish versions), and Online Slide Show

Prevent Portion Distortion PowerPoint, Handout and Online slideshow

Created by Extension Educators: 
Alice Henneman, MS, RDN
Amy Peterson, MS, RD

"Avoid Portion Distortion" PowerPoint and handout are full of pictures to help people learn how portions sizes have changed. And, how they can avoid portion distortion! Tips on using MyPlate to avoid portion distortion are given. The handout is available in both English and Spanish. 

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Slide Show

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Portion Distortion from Alice Henneman and Amy Peterson



 LINK for downloading Prevent Portion Distortion PowerPoint

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Handout (English & Spanish)

 ENGLISH VERSION: LINK for downloading "Prevent Portion Distortion" handout  (English) pdf

 SPANISH VERSION:  LINK for downloading "Prevent Portion Distortion" handout (Spanish)