You may already be a part of "Urban Agriculture!"

Urban agriculture is the practice of producing food within or surrounding an urban area:

  • Farms (Large & small)
  • Community gardens
  • Backyard garden

Urban agriculture benefits a community:

  • Healthier residents
  • Income production
  • Small business entrepreneurial opportunities
  • More sustainable communities

Whether you're involved in urban agriculture as a CONSUMER or COMMERCIALLY, read on, learn more ... and discover the resources the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension has for you! If you don't see what you need here, call or email your local extension office for further assistance.

Quick Links

Growing Food and Agricultural Products

food grown for sale community garden growing lettuce in pots

Growing Foods and Agricultural Products for Sale

Community Gardens

Nebraska Metro Area:

American Community Garden Association
(Listing of community gardens throughout the U.S. and Canada. Sign up your community garden if it's not already on this list.)

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Backyard, Container and Rooftop Gardens

Selling Locally Produced Food and Agricultural Products

selling potatoes growing tomatoes commercially hoop house

Before You Start

Food Safety Considerations

Market Opportunities

Preparing and Preserving Food

 lettuce on a plate with a sandwich  canning tomatoes  washing herbs in a strainer basket under a faucet

Food and Nutrition

Home Food Preservation

Food Safety at Home