Nutrition Education Program (NEP)

Nebraska's Nutrition Education Program (NEP)

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What is NEP?

The Nutrition Education Program (NEP) helps families on a limited budget improve the quality of their diet. NEP participants acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behavior changes necessary to improve their health. NEP is free to all participants who meet income guidelines.

Adult & Senior NEP Classes

Adult and Senior NEP classes are comprised of seven nutrition lessons. Each lesson includes hands-on learning activities to help participants apply what they learn in class to their daily life. All participants complete the following lessons, Meal Planning & Shopping, Food Resource Management, MyPlate Basics, MyPlate Food Groups, Food Safety, Watch Your Fats, Sugars, and Salt, and Breakfast.  The concepts of Food Safety, Food Preparation, Physical Activity and Goal Setting are tied into every lesson. When participants complete the seven lessons, they receive a certificate and a beautiful cookbook.

Classes are taught individually, in small groups at agency or community sites, at home through mail lessons, Internet or phone visits.

Youth NEP Classes

Youth NEP classes take place at a variety of community sites including preschools, childcare centers, after-school programs, and summer youth camps. NEP also teaches during the regular school day in qualifying schools. NEP youth learn about hand-washing, food safety, healthy snacks, healthy beverages, MyPlate, physical activity, breakfast, food preparation and kitchen safety.

Additional Information

NEP is the umbrella term for the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program - Education (SNAP-Ed) in Nebraska. Both programs receive federal funding from the United States Department of Agriculture: EFNEP is part of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture and SNAP-Ed is funded by Food and Nutrition Service. Nebraska Extension manages the program and NEP staff in local Extension Offices deliver the program to residents in 32 counties in Nebraska.

NEP Brochure (PDF 441KB)


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