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May is National Salsa Month

National Salsa Month

Cook It Quick Newsletter
Beans are cool

Quick Recipes, Food & Food Safety Tips (This month features tasty tips & recipes on beans, salads in a jar & more!)

Food Fun for Young Children
Celebrate Spring with a Picnic (includes recipe)
Family Fun on the Run
Gardening with Kids

Gardening with Kids

Food Reflections
Casserole made with leftovers

Leftover Makeovers & Refrigerator Reboots

Save Time - Microwave It! Microwave it -magazine cover

New! Interactive Magazine (UNL Extension Zmag publication)


Nutrition Know How
2015 Dietary Guidelines

8 Key Steps to Putting the 2015 Dietary Guidelines in Action

Budget Friendly Blog
Fish taco and grilled corn on blue plate

Barbecue Safety

Making HealthieRDecisions
A chicken breast recipe for a variety of meals

5 Ways to Make a Healthier Trail Mix (includes recipe)

Cook It Quick Blog
how to freeze peppers for future meals

Freezing Peppers for Future Meals 

Discovering Foods Blog
Orange and honey roasted carrots

Pulses Are Having Their Day


Ag Updates in Sustainable Agriculture
Cordes Heritage Fowl
Gerdes Heritage Fowl

Recipes for Your Family

Check Recipe Central for recipes for your family

Enjoy healthy cooking from your own kitchen. Use recipes from the Recipe Central collections to get started!

Food, Nutrition & Health by the Month

barbecue May recipes & resources 
include: Brown Bag It Day,  Herb Week, Food Allergy Week, Asparagus Month, Beef Month, Egg Month, Salsa Month, more  ... 

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