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"People who know the garden in which their vegetables have grown and know that the garden is healthy will remember the beauty of the growing plants...Such a memory involves itself with the food and is one of the pleasures of eating. The knowledge of the good health of the garden relieves and frees and comforts the eater."

—Wendell Berry, Kentucky farmer and author

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Nebraska Resources

Spring 2013-2014 Buy Fresh Buy Local Nebraska Food Guide Part 1 Part 2

Nebraska Produce Availability Chart (Source: Buy Fresh Buy Local Nebraska)2013 BFBLN Food Guide
Chart giving the average harvest seasons and availability of locally grown produce.

Nebraska Department of Agriculture
Includes a guide to local farmers' markets and U-pick operations. NOTE: Not all farmers' markets may be included in this listing or have updated information.

Tips for Shopping at Farmers' Markets
Here are some quick tips on what to do before, during and when you get home from the farmers' market!

Farmers' Market Search
The USDA Agricultural Marketing Service maintains a current listing of farmers' markets throughout the United States. Their interactive guide lets you search by types of payment accepted. NOTE: Not all farmers' markets may be included in this listing or have updated information.

Nebraska Food Cooperative
Nebraska's online, year-round farmers' market and local food distribution service.

Nebraska Market Maker
Interactive mapping system that locates businesses and markets of agriculture products in Nebraska.

Local Harvest
Find farmers' markets, family farms, and other sources of sustainably grown food in your area, where you can buy produce, grass-fed meats, and many other goodies.

Eat Well Guide®
Free online directory for anyone in search of fresh, locally grown and sustainably produced food in the United States and Canada.

Sustainable Agriculture Information Service
Provides information, resources, and models on how farmers and consumers can actively participate in the development of local and regional food systems.

foodSustainable Table
Consumer program founded to celebrate the sustainable food movement, educate individuals on food-related issues, and build community through sustainable food.

Chefs Collaborative Promoting
Sustainable cuisine by teaching children, supporting local farmers, educating one another, and inspiring the public to choose good, clean food.

Univeristy of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension
Organic agriculture brought to you by the eOrganic community

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