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Here are the handouts from the web sessions that were taught in previous years.

February 28, 2011    
Safe Food Safe Kids – Be informed on the latest food safety do's and don'ts of preparing and handling food.

 Handouts for Session on February 28:  

March 15, 2011   
Food Allergies – Discover the difference between a food allergy and a food intolerance and how to prevent a food allergy reaction.     

 Handouts for Session on March 15:    

March 31, 2011    
Infant Feeding and Food Safety – Learn the latest information on safely feeding breast milk and formula, feeding solid foods, drinking from a cup, choking prevention, sanitary food preparation and safe food handling with commercially prepared and home-prepared baby food.

Handouts for Session on March 31:

Related Link: Food Safety for Families Fact Sheets and Podcast Includes safe practices for breast milk, formula and baby's first fooods; clean handwashing, washing and preparing foods, proper storage and more from UNL Extension Food Safety.

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