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Weight Management

Weight management is about balancing calories consumed with the calories our body "burns off."

It is important to consume foods that keep our calories at a desirable level and that also provide sufficient nutrients to keep us healthy. We may lose weight on the “diet of the day” but our bodies may suffer if our food intake provides little nutrition.

These articles and links provide guidance on choosing foods and planning an activity level for your optimum weight.

Eating Wisely

How Should You Spend Your Calorie Salary?
Think of MyPlate recommendations as a “calorie salary.” Plan calories the same as major expenses – a car, house, vacation, etc. with these four “budgeting” steps.

Spending Your Calorie Salary – Youth Version
MyPyramid is like a care manual for your body! Discover how to treat your body for maximum performance. Learn to read nutrition labels.

Avoid Portion Distortion with MyPyramid’s Specific Guidelines
Portion sizes have gotten bigger over the past 20 years and so have Americans! Get help with these tips about the types and amounts of foods to eat.

Making the Most of Our Dessert Calories
Can you have your dessert and eat it, too? Learn how to do both!

Understand the Difference Between Naturally Occurring and Added Sugars; Reading the Nutritional Food Label
"Don't Sugar Coat It!" Read the label.

Do You REALLY Know How Much You Eat?
Take this quiz and find out!

The Power of One Dietary Change in Losing Weight
One dietary change may be all it takes to lose weight. Learn 12 easy ways to eat 100 less calories a day.

Balancing Calories with Physical Activity

Walk, and Enjoy the View!
Walking is a simple, pleasurable and inexpensive way to be physically active. Learn how to begin a walking program – includes a chart to help you get started walking.

30 Steps to a Healthier You
Based on MyPyramid recommendations.

by Alice Henneman, MS, RD

This video is about walking more when you eat more during vacation, but I hope you find it helpful for at home also.

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(Updated April 6, 2014)