Star Appeal 4-th of July Dessert or Fruit Salad - Includes Recipe

Alice Henneman, MS, RDN, UNL Extension in Lancaster County

star shaped frozen fruit Sprinkle your fruit dishes with "stars" to add extra pizzazz. 

Pineapple or bananas and vanilla-flavored yogurt make attractive white stars to toss in with a mixture of red and blue berries for the Fourth of July. Here are the details:

  1. Use a star-shaped ice cube tray to form the stars. The stars in this picture were made by using a food processor to mix two parts fruit (fresh or frozen) to one part flavored yogurt. Don't worry about overestimating the amount you'll need to make -- any remaining mixture makes a good snack!
  2. If necessary, stop the food processor occasionally to push the mixture down the sides.
  3. Fill ice cube tray with mixture. Freeze until firm, about 3 hours. Stars maintain their shape best if left in the ice cube tray until served. Cover with plastic wrap and freezer foil after they are frozen if you plan to use them a day or so later.
  4. If stars don't pop out of the ice cube trays right away, let them sit a minute or so to warm slightly and loosen.

Experiment with different fruit and yogurt combinations.

Several shapes in addition to stars are available in local stores and Internet sites selling kitchen wares.