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Nebraska Cooperative Development CenterNCDC logo
NCDC is Nebraska's center for cooperative based business development. NCDC provides education, training, and technical assistance to cooperatively owned businesses, be it a cooperative, an LLC, or other business structure.We are committed to creating sustainable communities in Nebraska where people work together to meet their needs and reach their goals. Our center provides technical assistance, education, and training for developing and existing groups. Our services are available for all types of business enterprises.

Grain Place Foods, Inc.grain place logo
Grain Place Foods, the place to choose for top-quality certified organic whole grains and seeds! Our mission is to provide to our customers grain products that are grown and produced in an ecologically sustainable and socially responsible manner - with the conviction that how your food is produced does matter!

The Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources serves Nebraska by providing internationally-recognized science and education to assure the state's competitiveness in a changing world.