March: Jiggle Your Wiggle

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stretchPut some jiggle in your wiggle. Be sure to loosen muscles before starting on your walk. Warm up and cool down, plus stretches after cool down are a very important part of any fitness activity. Warming your major muscles before an exerting walk prevents cramps and injuries such as shin splints. Begin walking slowly for 5 minutes. Next wiggle each major
muscle group a few times, starting with your head and working down to your toes:

  • Move your head from side to side trying to touch your ear to your shoulder
  • Roll shoulders backwards and then forwards
  • Lift your arms to shoulder height and swing them back and forth
  • Raise arms above your head and bend at the waist from side to side
  • Bend forward to touch your toes with your hands
  • Squat and hug your knees
  • Standing, lift one leg in front and point your toe forward and then upward, back and forth a few times; repeat with the other leg
  • Shake each leg

Contact author Jamie Goffena, Extension Educator in Dawes and Sioux County for questions.

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