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Alice Henneman, MS, RDN, Extension Educator

"Cartoons offer teachers an opportunity to infuse their lessons with humor without having to become stand-up comics." – Robyn Flipse, MS, RDN in "Learning through Laughter."

I've collected and illustrated (with photos from Pixabay) some of my favorite funny food sayings and quotations. I hope they provide a smile or two (or more!) as you look at the online slideshow of the slides. And/or ... if you present the PowerPoint or parts of it to an audience. 

example of the "keep source formatting" option in pasting a PowerPoint slide into another slide set

IMPORTANT: If you're using the slides in a presentation to others: 
  • They might be shown just for fun by incuding a few of the slides tucked into one of your own presentations. To insert them into other presentations, use the "Keep Source Formating" option or the slide won't copy correctly.
  • You might use the slides or your favorites as your complete presentation where you use them as discussion starters ... such as the Dolly Parton one on diets.

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