FREE Holiday Food Mixes in a Jar PowerPoint, Recipe Handout and Online Slide Show

Holiday Homemade food mixes in a jar
  • Julie Garden-Robinson, PhD, RD, LRD, Food and Nutrition Specialist, North Dakota State University Extension Service
  • Alice Henneman, MS, RDN, Extension Education Educator, UNL Extension

Holiday Food Mixes in a Jar Materials

  • Download handout with tips and recipes
  • View self-paced online slideshow
  • Download FREE PowerPoint (and evaluation tool)
→ HANDOUT download link: Recipes for Food Mixes in a Jar 
Email Julie Garden-Robinson if you have problems downloading the recipes.

Note: You do NOT need to download the recipes through the link in the slide show -- download them directly at the above link.
 → POWERPOINT downlink: Mix It Up - Food Mixes in a Jar PowerPoint 

For some sample questions for a post-evaluation immediately after giving this program and a follow-up evaluation sent out after the program, CLICK HERE.

Email if you have problems downloading the slides.