Food Vendors / Farmers Markets

Food Safety for Temporary Food Service Vendors

Many restaurants and institutions provide food safety training programs for their workers. But managers and workers that operate from temporary or seasonal facilities may be unaware of the resources available to them for learning procedures that must be followed.
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Guidelines for Selling at Farmers' Markets and Temporary Food Establishments

Food Safety for Farmers' Markets, NebGuide G1706 PDF version
Factors that cause foodborne illnesses and recommendations for preparing and selling wholesome and safe food products at Farmer's Markets. Vendors at Farmers' Markets are responsible for the safety of the products they offer for sale. If customers are unhappy with the products they purchase from a stand, they will not be back. Word of mouth advertisement from a bad experience may not be good for future business.

Food Safety for Temporary Food Service Establishments, NebGuide G1708 PDF version
Food safety, including causes of and tips for preventing foodborne illness at temporary food service establishments. Food stands, bake sales, bazaars and other food sales provide good opportunities for organizations to raise money, but the food you prepare and offer for sale must be wholesome and safe for the consumer. Sponsoring organizations are responsible for the safety of the food products they offer for sale.