Food Safety for Families Fact Sheets and Podcast

Safe Practices for Breast Milk video

Food Safety for Families - Safe Practices for Breast Milk (PDF)

You want the best for your infant and that is why you are considering breastfeeding. Follow the simple guidelines in the podcast and accompanying newsletter to keep your infant safe and healthy while you're handling and storing breast milk. Please feel free to download, copy and disperse our newsletter-style fact sheets.

Food Safety App

4 Day Throw Away red graphicAn application available for Apple devices -- iPhone and iPod touch -- helps protect consumers from bad leftovers. The "4-Day Throw Away" application, available now from the App Store, is an extension of the 4-Day Throw Away campaign , which educates consumers about the dangers of foodborne illnesses and the four-day guideline for eating, freezing or throwing away leftovers. Read more about the App and the Campaign.