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ShadowBrook Farm

ShadowBrook Farm, located in Lincoln, Nebraska, is owned and operated by Kevin, Charuth and Diane Loth.

ShadowBrook Farm has been farming in Nebraska since 1996 without the use of synthetic fertilizers, weed control or pesticides. We practice building soil there compost applications and cover cropping. We direct market 75% of our products at farmers' markets and personally know most of our customers thru interaction with them at markets and social functions on the farm.

We have been a part of BFBLN program since it began and believe in the philosophy that the best and freshest foods are those that are grown close to where one lives. This saves time and energy getting products to the consumer. 

Since we support BFBLN, those consumers who are interested in being part of a sustainable system support the farmers who are of like minds.

Farmers' markets, Holiday Markets, and occasional on-farm events are part of our annual plans.

For more information check out their website at: http://shadowbrk.com.