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Arnold Acres

About Arnold Acres
Arnold Acres is located in Syracuse, Nebraska. It is owned by Larry and Mary Kay Arnold. Arnold Acres is a sustainable farm who believes in sustaining the quality of the soil and environment we grow our vegetables and fruit in.  We totally believe in the concept that Healthy Soils produce healthy food. 

At Arnold Acres we feature jams and jellies as well as produce grown on our acreage right now. My passion stems from as far back as I can remember when I specifically remember helping my Mom plant peas. My wife makes jellies and jams out of our fruit that we raise at Arnold Acres. We have some harder to find varieties of jams and jellies such as mulberry, serviceberry, and aronia berry currently available. 

Arnold Acres and BFBLN
This is Arnold Acres second year with Buy Fresh Buy Local Nebraka, with the first year being a few years ago. “I totally believe in the concept of locally grown food and wish to sell my produce to people who appreciate that.”

Why Locally Grown Food?
I truly believe that when people go to the grocery store to buy fresh fruits and vegetables they are not getting good value.  We can produce a product on Arnold Acres that is fresh and locally grown.  It used to be important to buy locally and I think we need to get back to that as a society.

Why Are Farmers’ Markets Important?
It is important that the farmers and the consumers connect in person when transacting food purchases. Local Farmers Markets are the place to do that. There are many choices in the market for the consumer to choose from.  The consumer can ask questions about how the produce is raised, gain confidence that local food can be of great quality, grown by good people who work hard, and get to know the producer.  The producer can find out a bit about the customers during this interaction and have the satisfaction of seeing and interacting with his customer.  It opens the door to further interaction which can be beneficial and enjoyable to both.  There are too many unknowns about food when it is purchased at large grocery store chains.

We are doing the Papillion Market on Wednesday evenings from 5-8 and the Syracuse Market on Saturday mornings from 8-10:30.  Occasionally we will be at the Brownville market which is from 3:30-6:30 on Friday evenings.

Want More From Small Starts Farm?

  1. Check out their Website: http://www.arnoldacresne.com