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Omaha Farmers’ Market—Aksarben Village

About Omaha Farmers’ Market—Aksarben Village
Omaha Farmers’ Market—Aksarben Village is located in Omaha, Nebraska. It is located at 67th and Center Streets (Aksarben Village). The market is open May 6 to October 14 on  Sundays from 9:00am-1:00pm.

The Omaha Farmers Market accepts a wide range of vendors such as produce (some organic), dairy, meat, baked goods, bedding plants, prepared foods, flowers, coffee, tea, crafts and much more. We are located in a high traffic area with a vibrant atmosphere equipped with modern architecture where unique shops and restaurants make their homes. Located in the heart of Omaha, Aksarben Village is full of entertainment and shopping, with many restaurants, bars, bike trails and green space. Aksarben continues to develop into a multipurpose neighborhood.

The Omaha Farmers Market traces its roots back nearly 100 years, beginning at the turn of the last century. However, the original market ended in 1964. Luckily in 1994 the Omaha Farmers Market was revived where the original market thrived! 2010 marked an additional expansion, when the Omaha Farmers Market added another day to ‚Äúbuy local and eat fresh‚ Äù at Aksarben Village every Sunday from May through mid-October with approximately 110 or more vendors each Sunday. 2018 marks the 25th season of the inception of Omaha Farmers Market!

The market accepts EBT/SNAP, Double Up Food Bucks, SNAP matching dollars, Nebraska Farmer Market Senior Coupons, WIC, Checks, Credit Cards and Cash.

Why are markets important to the community?
One of the very best things about the Omaha Farmers Market and buying local is the sense of community the growers and consumers garner from selling/buying local. Growers have the opportunity to educate consumers in a fun, energetic way. Consumers have the opportunity to  learn where their food is coming from, how/where it was grown and the best way to prepare it. 

Some of our vendors have been at the Market from its inception. Market-goers have watched their children grow up and vice versa. They have stories that go back for years, sometimes decades. Having that kind of a relationship with the people who provide your food is priceless.

The Omaha Farmers Market creates an outlet for local growers and small businesses to generate income, it gives consumers an outlet to not only purchase fresh, local ingredients, but to give their hard-earned income to local businesses, which helps keep our local economy even stronger and it gives businesses and restaurants that are neighbors to the market greater foot traffic. No matter how you look at it, farmer's markets are benefiting their communities in a number of ways.

Since the Omaha Farmers Market was introduced in 1994, we have looked for new ways to enhance the market to better serve the community. We currently donate fresh produce to local shelters. In addition, the Market hosts an annual Shelter Meal at the Siena Francis House. For this meal, market vendors donate all of the ingredients for a full meal and market staff, vendors and sponsors provide the food line staffing.

The introduction of our SNAP/EBT program was a natural step in our desire to use the Markets to better serve and impact the health of our community. In 2018, we have decided to take it a step further and have introduced the Double Up Food Bucks (DUFB) program. EBT customers now have the opportunity to double their dollars (up to $10 per market). To further our education and promotion of fresh food, the DUFB vouchers are only eligible for fruits, vegetables and herbs.

The Omaha Farmers Market has been a member of BFBLN since its inception, and we too,wish to be a part of a greater community that promotes fresh, local food and the betterment of the world around us.

Weekly & Special Events
At this time we do not host an annual event. We do partner with Food Day Omaha, since they host their event at our market site on an annual basis.

Year to year, we will host different special events throughout the season. We continue to look for ways to strengthen our engagement with schools, clubs and youth organizations. We also take advantage of any opportunities to speak to the youth about the Omaha Farmers Market and why it's important to both the consumer and vendor. In 2017 and again in 2018, we will be partnering with The Big Garden and Cooking Matters Omaha to provide market tours at our locations.

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