Exercise - An Immunity Boost

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Jump RopeMany things affect immune system function and fortitude. Normally, the immune system is incredibly effective at fighting off invaders like common colds and the flu. Add everyday stressors and poor diet and lack of physical activity to the mix and those tiny invaders have a better chance of making you their home. Avoid these "bugs" by exercising your immune muscles to avoid the achy, congested, feverish, can't-get-out-of-bed symptoms that come with many common colds and the flu.

Research tells us that regular exercise in any form can boost immune function:

  • Why: 50% - 300% greater antibody response and killer T cell release to combat foreign invaders by, which could help decrease the number of colds you get.
  • What: The physical activity necessary to enhance immune function can be less intense and shorter than is required for cardiovascular benefits.
  • How: Just 20 — 30 minutes of brisk walking five days weekly is enough to boost the immune system.

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