Country Style Potato Salad

Country Potato Salad

 Alice Henneman, MS, RDN

The peas add a colorful touch of green to this potato salad. Combining mustard with lowfat mayonnaise and nonfat plain yogurt provides a flavorful, lowfat dressing. And ... there is no need to peel the potatoes! 

Find the recipe for Country Style Potato Salad, that makes 4 servings, on "What's Cooking?," USDA Mixing Bowl.  

Recipe source: Food and Health Communications, Inc., Cooking Demo II. 

Alice's Tip: Don't limit yourself to the ingredients listed with this recipe. Got extra carrots? Throw in some carrot coins or chunks. A half a green pepper lingering in your refrigerator? Toss it in! I've also added bite-size cheese chunks or boiled egg slices to this recipe in the past to turn it into a main dish meal item.

(Photo by Alice Henneman)