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Crops grown in NebraskaDid you know … Nebraska’s farms and ranches utilize 45.3 million acres – 92% of the state’s total land area. Some agricultural products from Nebraska you may be eating and how Nebraska ranks nationally in their production include:
  • Beef (1st—Nebraska is often called the "Beef State")
  • Popcorn (1st)
  • Great Northern Beans (1st)
  • Pinto Beans (2nd)
  • Total Dry Edible Beans (3rd − FYI, the United Nations has declared 2016 the Year of the Pulses [which includes dry beans, lentils and dry peas] to recognize them as a primary source of protein and other essential nutrients, worldwide.)
  • Soybeans (5th)
  • Pork (6th)
  • Grain Sorghum (8th)
  • Eggs (10th)
  • Wheat (12th) 
Between 97 to 99 percent of farms in Nebraska are family owned.

This month, I’d like to share some recipes and food tips for cooking with these foods. 

Happy Cooking and Healthy Eating

Cook It Quick's Goal

Our gCook It Quick Newsletteroal is to make you "hungry for healthy food" by offering tips and delicious, quick-to-prepare, inexpensive recipes.

Preparing these recipes and using the tips will help you increase consumption of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy products. At the same time, you will reduce sodium, solid fats, and calories. Food safety tips are included. 

Feel free to use/adapt Cook It Quick  material when an article is written entirely by me for your own articles, blogs, handouts, etc. An example credit line is:  Authored by or Adapted from Alice Henneman, MS, RDN, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension, Cook It Quick web materials.  


BBQ Pork Chop Skillet (Source: USDA Mixing Bowl) [4 ingredients]

bbq pork chop recipe


Chili (Pinto) Bean Dip 

chili pinto bean dip


Toaster French Toast (Source: American Egg Board)

french toast


Three Bean Bake - includes Great Northern beans. (Source: K-State Research & Extension Family Nutrition Program.) [Quick, easy, 6-ingredients. Designed so kids can help make.]

Three Bean Bake Recipe

FYI - whenever a recipe calls for "Cannellini" beans, you can substitute Great Northern Beans. ~Alice



Pizza with a Purpose (Source: National Cattlemen's Beef Association | photo courtesy of The Beef Checkoff 

pizza with vegetables blended into pizza sauce

FYI - this pizza is full of veggies blended with the pizza sauce. If you don't have 1 tablespoon of fresh oregano, substitute 1 teaspoon dried oregano. ~Alice


Very Cherry Chocolate (Gluten-Free)  Cupcakes  (These cupcakes are made with sorghum)

Very Cherry Chocolate Cupcakes


Popcorn Trail Mix (Source: The Popcorn Board.)

Popcorn trail mix recipe
FYI - the amount of popcorn and dried fruit you use in this recipe need not be exact. ~Alice


Tuna Edamame Salad (Source: Nebraska Soybean Board)

tuna salad

FYI - Edamame is the Japanese name for fresh soybeans. I often serve it plain with a small amount of butter or margarine as a side dish. Here is more information on cooking with edamame. ~ Alice

Food Tip

Charts giving the correct time, temperature and cooking method for beef (Source: Nebraska Beef Council)

Directions for cooking different cuts of beef

Food Tip

Did you know the Flat Iron Steak is considered the 2nd most tender cut of beef? This cut was developed by research teams at the University of Nebraska and University of Florida. 

Flat Iron Steak Fact Sheet

flat iron steak

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