Author:  Alice Henneman, MS, RDN, UNL Extension Educator

Basil PlantsIt's spring and we're beginning to think about spending more time outdoors. Perhaps you're planting a garden or herbs this year. 

This month's Cook It Quick gives you tips, recipes and food safety advice to help you save time and money.  And ... include kitchen (and refrigerator) spring cleaning as part of your spring cleaning. 

Happy Cooking and Healthy Eating

P.S. Ingredient counts don't include water, salt, pepper and cooking oil

Cook It Quick's Goal

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Our goal is to make you "hungry for healthy food" by offering tips and delicious, quick-to-prepare, inexpensive recipes.

Preparing these recipes and using the tips will help you increase consumption of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy products. At the same time, you will reduce sodium, solid fats, and calories. Food safety tips are included. 

Feel free to use/adapt Cook It Quick  material when an article is written entirely by me for your own articles, blogs, handouts, etc. An example credit line is:  Authored by or Adapted from Alice Henneman, MS, RDN, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension, Cook It Quick web materials.



Chicken Strata a La King (can be mixed the night before) [9 ingredients - many in ready-to-go forms]

Chicken Strata a la King recipe - mix the ingredients the night before, a few hours in advance or just before taking.


Contrast Snack Mix [5 ingredients]

Contrast Snack Mix Recipe pairs foods that are salty and sweet, smooth and crunchy, dark and light colored


How to Make a Casserole from What's on Hand

How to make a casserole recipe from what is on hand


Orange Banana Frosty (Source: Cook It Quick Blog) [3 ingredients]

Orange Banana Frosty Recipe



Fruit Muesli (overnight breakfast dish made with oatmeal and fruit) [6 ingredients]

Make this fruit muesli recipe the night before and enjoy for breakfast


Growing and Preparing Loose Leaf Lettuce

Tips on growing and preparing loose leaf lettuce


Tray-Freezing Raw Peppers

How to tray freeze red peppers to save time, money and food waste


Healthy Cooking with Fresh Herbs (Online slide show, printer-friendly  handout with herb / food chart, downloadable FREE PowerPoint)

Healthy Cooking with Fresh Herbs Online Slide show, free handout, and powerpoint

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