Business Membership

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Membership Fees:

Business Members $200


  • Listing in a beautiful, professionally-designed local food directory, identifying your business as a one that supports and purchases products from Nebraska diversified family farmers and ranchers, and/or sells locally-produced food.
  • Listing in the Online Food Guide.
  • Receive a BFBLN Certificate, appropriate signage and promotional materials as needed. 
  • Promotion through BFBLN website, email, social media and traditional media. 
  • Highlight as a “Featured Member of the Week” on social media and the website. Articles are archived on the BFBLN website for consumers' awareness
  • Take part of events that keep you connected with Nebraska’s outstanding diversified farmers and ranchers, consumers searching for locally-grown or raised food, and fellow BFBLN members.  


To be eligible you must:

Locally grown and produced foods must be displayed and labeled. An average of four local products must be available. Must be working to increase local food offerings.

Local ingredients must be promoted (See Restaurants/Caterers). Must be working to increase use of local ingredients.

Must offer local meats raised by, Nebraska small family farmers & ranchers, for sale and identify with signage. Be working to increase local meat offerings and make them an increasing percentage of sales.

Must use at least two Nebraska ingredients in your product. Such as your own grapes, hops, grains, and/purchase from growers within Nebraska.

Restaurants or Caterers who are sourcing local product from area growers and producers may apply to become a member. Primary ingredients must be grown in Nebraska and should be purchased directly from the farmer, market or co-op within Nebraska. Local products purchased should be a part of your regular menu or used for specials. There is no minimum requirement for how much local produce you must use, but the ingredient must be the main feature of the dish.

Other Food Processors: Not sure if you qualify? Contact us and we will be happy to talk with you. BFBLN Advisory Board will use its discretion when reviewing your application for approval. Must be working to increase local food offerings. 

BFBLN connects us not only to our customer base but to outstanding suppliers as well. The Guide is the go-to source for an amazing diversity of products and a direct link to the people behind them. Renee Cornett Prairie Plate Restaurant