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How Do I Participate?

Adult & Senior Direct Education: Adult and Senior NEP classes are taught individually or in small groups at agency or community sites. Each lesson includes hands-on learning activities to help you apply what you’ll learn in class to daily life. You will complete lessons that teach the basics of nutrition, planning meals, making a food budget, reading food labels, eating a balanced diet by following the USDA MyPlate recommendations, and more. When you complete seven lessons, you’ll receive a graduation certificate and an NEP enhancement item that supports your new healthy lifestyle. 

Youth Direct Education: Youth NEP classes take place at a variety of community sites, including preschools, out-of-school programs, and summer youth camps. NEP also teaches during the school day in qualifying schools. NEP youth learn about hand-washing, food safety, healthy snacks, healthy beverages, MyPlate, physical activity, breakfast, food preparation and kitchen safety.

The School Enrichment Kit Program is a unique, evidence based approach to reaching Nebraska's youth. The School Enrichment Kits include lesson plans with coordinating activities that meet the health curriculum objectives required for the nutrition unit of each grade school age group. School enrichment classrooms spend an average of five to six hours using the School Enrichment Kits to teach nutrition to limited resource youth through Extension team members and teachers.

Nutrition and Physical Activity Self-Assessment for Childcare Centers (Go NAP SACC): NEP, with support from Team Nutrition and the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, is creating healthier childcare settings by training childcare providers on the best practices they should follow related to nutrition, physical activity and breastfeeding. The Go NAP SACC Program is a practice-based intervention designed to enhance the facilities' nutrition and physical activity policies, practices, and overall wellness. Go NAP SACC practices improve the nutritional quality of food served, the amount and quality of physical activity, and staff-child interactions.

School Wellness Policy: NEP, with support from Team Nutrition, provides schools with the opportunity to collaborate with Extension team members to develop, modify and carry out their school wellness policies. School wellness policies are multi-faceted, and, at times, difficult to navigate. Extension team members can help by providing support for school gardens, school programming, grant writing, partnership connections, and brainstorming ideas to help each school develop a personalized wellness policy.

Choose Healthy HereSmall grocery stores and corner stores that communities rely on for food can utilize programs and resources provided through this NEP partnership to help them purchase and sell food of high nutritional value. 

Growing Together Nebraska: A collaboration of NEP and Extension Master Gardeners, with input from a team of community members, this program can help communities apply for grants and certifications, as well as obtain the materials necessary to start community donation gardens. These community gardens are used to obtain and promote fresh, nutritionally dense foods to offer to community members.

Funding: NEP includes the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program - Education (SNAP-Ed). Both programs receive federal funding from the United States Department of Agriculture: EFNEP is part of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture and SNAP-Ed is part of Food and Nutrition Service. NEP is managed by Nebraska Extension and delivered in 32 counties in Nebraska.

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