Quick Comfort Foods For When You Don't Feel Well

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UNL Extension in Lancaster Countywoman with teacup who looks ill

Often when we're not feeling well, cooking is the last thing we want to do. Here are some ideas for simple, nourishing comfort foods from staples you're likely to have on hand.

  1. Smoothies: They go down easy and are simple to make. Click here for recipes!
  2. Scrambled Eggs: Step-by-step pictures and directions for perfect scrambled eggs (from the American Egg Board).

    Cook It Quick Tip:
    Serve on whole grain bread with a side of a small salad or fresh or canned fruit.

  3. Grilled Cheese Sandwich (Made on a double-sided electric grill.) This quick and easy recipe is made on one of those electric counter-top grills with a double-sided grill surface -- the kind that grills both sides of food at one time

    1. Start heating grill.
    2. Spread the outside of two pieces of bread with butter, margarine or olive oil.
    3. Place sliced or grated cheese between the bread with the buttered sides of the bread toward the outside.
    4. Grill on your preheated grill until the outside of the bread is golden brown and the cheese is melted. Time will vary, depending on your grill -- it may take 2 or more minutes. Start checking early the first time you make these.

      Cook It Quick Tip: Complete your meal with a crunchy apple or perhaps a steaming bowl of cream of tomato soup.

  4. Peanut Butter Sandwich. Or for a special treat, try a PB and Banana Waffle made with frozen waffles. (Source: Peanut Advisory Board. )

    Cook It Quick Tip:
    If you frequently run out of bread and have limited freezer space, keep some large, whole grain crackers -- frequently called "crispbreads" -- on hand. Use them in place of bread for such spreads as peanut butter, nut butters and egg salad sandwich mix.