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Life Stages

Our nutrient needs change over our life span. For example, during periods of growth, we have a greater need for certain nutrients than at other times during our life. A variety of cultural, environmental, psychosocial, physical and economic factors influence how we eat at different stages of life.

These pages contain links to websites and online publications that will help you choose or prepare healthy meals for yourself and others during each phase of the life span.

Nutrition Through Life Stages - Publications

Nutrition for the School-Aged Child, G1086 – (chart in publication discusses 5 through 14 years) | PDF version (3 pages)
Children entering school will make their own decisions about what they eat. Parents can help teach them to make healthy decisions.
Nutrient Recommendations for Adults
, G1555 | PDF version (4 pages)
This NebGuide helps adults ascertain appropriate nutrient recommendations for their age and health situations.

Commonsense Nutrition for Women, G1193 |  PDF version (4 pages)
Being physically fit means being at a healthy body weight and being physically active. Physically unfit women at unhealthy weights have higher chronic disease risk. Take these steps to get on track with your health.

The Importance of Folate  Folate has many benefits including disease prevention and the prevention of certain types of birth defects. Short video and accompanying fact sheet.

Healthy Eating for the Later Years
, G1083 | PDF version (4 pages)
This publication provides information to help older adults eat to maintain good health. Friends,family and others concerned with older people also may benefit from having this information.

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Additional Nutrition Resources

  • MyPyramid – General Population (Source: USDA)
    Learn how to use MyPyramid materials, interactive tools, and multimedia to plan healthy food and physical activity choices each day.