Healthy Bites for August:
Sandwiches are quick, easy, nutritious

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SandwchesSandwiches make quick, easy, and nutritious meals. August is National Sandwich Month, a great time to try a different type of sandwich or have fun inventing a new sandwich for you or to share with family and friends. Check out the following tips on how to experiment with different veggies and fruits, lean meats, whole grains, and sandwich spreads.

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More resources:

Easy Egg Sandwich Meals. Eggs are designed for quick mealtime solutions. Scrambled eggs are a perennial favorite for good reason. They're quick, easy, and adaptable to several recipes.

Make Sandwiches a Meal. With a little planning, you can turn a sandwich into a complete meal. This recipe provides veggies and dairy and is served on whole grain bread.

Freezing Sandwiches. Make your own "fast food" sandwiches for a sack lunch or meal at home, make several sandwiches at once, use "leftovers" or cook extra at a meal for use in tasty and different ways at future meals.

Fruity Tuna Salad Sandwiches. Though this recipe can be made with basic kitchen ingredients, the taste isn't anything like your ordinary tuna salad sandwich.

Walk Nebraska Newsletters. Each month these newsletters cover a variety of topics related to getting active by walking year round.

UNL Extension Calendar – National Food Days, Weeks, and Months for August.


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