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Download FREE PowerPoints and Handouts for Food, Nutrition & Health Education

We offer a variety of FREE PowerPoints and handouts in our Food, Nutrition and Health Educational Resources section you can download and use in your educational programs. Also, check our newsletter section and recipe section for additional handout material.

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  1. Cold Pizza for Breakfast (PowerPoint)
  2. Slow Cooker Meals (PowerPoint & handout)
  3. Feeding without the Fuss (younger children) (PowerPoint & handout)
  4. Healthy Cooking with Fresh Herbs (PowerPoint & handout)
  5. Spending Your Calorie Salary - FOR TEENS (PowerPoint & handout)
  6. Homemade Holiday Beverage Mixes in a Jar  (PowerPoint & handout)
  7. Prevent Portion Distortion (PowerPoint & handout)
  8. How Should You Spend Your Calorie Salary? (PowerPoint & handout)
  9. Mix It Up - to Expand Your Holiday Gift-Giving Dollar - Food Mixes in a Jar (PowerPoint & handout)
  10. Choose MyPlate: Selected Consumer Messages (PowerPoint & handout)
  11. Name that Veggie! (PowerPoint)
  12. Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2010: Quiz Yourself! (PowerPoint)
  13. What You Should Know about the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2010 (PowerPoint)
  14. Test Your Salt Savvy (handout)
  15. Tiny Tastes Can Total BIG Calories over Winter Holidays (PowerPoint & handout)
  16. How to Bake Gluten-Free with Sorghum Series(handout)
    1. How to Bake Gluten-Free with Sorghum (includes recipes)
    2. Gluten-Free PowerBars
    3. Gluten-Free Grab 'n Go
    4. Gluten-Free: A Special Treat: Cupcakes and Baking Tips
    5. Gluten-Free Baking Gets Better with Sorghum
  17. Color Yourself Healthy (PowerPoint)
  18. Supermarket Savings: 16 Tips that Total BIG Bucks! (PowerPoint & handout)
  19. Name that Food! (PowerPoint & handout)
      How much do you really know about the foods you eat? Find out by playing this game (designed for groups)
  20. The Garden Grocery: Food Safety & Selection at the Farmers' Market (PowerPoint & handout)
  21. Add a Little SPICE (& HERBS) to Your Life (PowerPoint & handout)
  22. Food for Thought: FOOD QUOTES (PowerPoint)


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