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Omaha Farmers’ Market - Charles Drew Health Center

The Omaha Farmers Market—Charles Drew Health Center is located at 30th and Grant Streets in  Omaha, Nebraska. The market opened July 5th and runs through August 30th. The market is on Wednesday afternoons from 3:30 to 5:30 pm. 

The Charles Drew Health Center Market is a produce only Market with four to six vendors providing easy access to fresh, local food for the clients of Charles Drew. The market accepts EBT, Credit Cards, Nebraska Farmer Market Senior Coupons, WIC.

The Omaha Farmers Market promotes fresh food for many reasons. Local food is fresher, safer, and better for you. It creates a sense of community and makes people aware of who is growing their food and where it comes from.  We also want to benefit the local community.  

Since the Omaha Farmers Market was introduced in 1994, we have looked for new ways to enhance the market to better serve the community.  We currently donate fresh produce to local shelters on a rotating weekly basis.  In addition, the Market hosts an annual Shelter Meal at the Siena Francis House.  For this meal, market vendors donate all of the ingredients for a full meal and market staff, vendors and sponsors provide the food line staffing.  The introduction of our SNAP / EBT system was a natural step in our desire to use the Markets to better serve and impact the health of our community, as well as keep fresh produce affordable to everyone. 

The Omaha Farmers Market has been a member of BFBLN since it's inception as we, too, wish to be a part of a greater community that promotes fresh local food and the betterment of the world around us.

For more information on Omaha Farmers’ Market — Charles Drew Health Center visit their website at: www.omahafarmersmarket.org or their Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/omahafarmersmarket/