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Wolff Farms 

Wolff Farm, located in Norfolk, Nebraska, is owned and operated by Jay Wolff.

Wolff Farms is located on land that has been in our family for 140 years.  The owner, Duane has personally farmed it since 1979 conventionally, then  organically, always with the desire to stay away from chemicals.  He would never sell a product that he wouldn't buy or have his own family use.  A large part of the farm has been put into wildlife habitat and they practice "promote life, don't destroy it".  All vegetables are grown using organic practices, and has been  certified organic since the beginning of 2015.  All animals are raised naturally and on pasture.

They believe local food/products are important because:

You know right where your food is coming from when you buy it locally.  Buying from Wolff Farms not only gives you peace of mind knowing your food is safe, it also keeping that money right here in Nebraska.

For more information on Wolff Farms, check out their website at http://www.wolfffarmsproduce.com

West Blue Farm

West Blue Farm, located in Milford, Nebraska, is owned and operated by Dave and Deb Welsch.

West Blue Farm has been direct marketing to the consumer since 1990.  We make deliveries of our chickens to Seward, Milford, Crete and Lincoln.  As we begin our 27th year of raising quality food for our customers we truly appreciate the connection made between us as farmers and those who consume our product.

For more information on West Blue Farm, check out their website at: http://www.westbluefarm.com.

Arbor Grove Produce 

Arbor Grove Produce, located in Burr, Nebraska, is owned and operated by Dean and Maria Eisenhauer. We have been producing pesticide-free vegetables for fresh market since 2010. We enjoy producing healthy locally-grown food. 

We believe local food/products are a source of local, healthy food. This will be our second year in BFBLN. We believe in the mission of BFBLN. The use of the membership signage has been helpful.

S&S Honey 

S&S Honey, located in Lincoln, Nebraska, is owned and operated by Herschel Staats.

We have cared for honey bees since 1965. Local honey  could have health and flavor benefits. 

As far as I know we have been a member since Belene presented it to the farmers market.  It is good to let consumers know what local products are available for them to use.