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Robinette Farms

Robinette Farms, located in Martell, Nebraska, is owned by Alex McKiernan and Chloe Diegel.

Robinette Farms is a diversified, direct-to-consumer family farm that specializes in vegetable production and our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program in order to connect food to family.  Since 2010, we have sought to sustainably produce a diversity of high quality farm goods for sale locally. We strive to build a profitable business that minimizes off-farm inputs, reduces our detrimental impact on the environment, and educates our community about the food we eat and enjoy. Through hard work and managed, sustainable growth, we intend to create a farm that supports our family and community for generations to come.

We've been BFBLN members since starting Robinette Farms.  Local food production can't thrive without a local food community and we want to support our local food community.  BFBLN has helped us reach a broader audience and connect with customers and other growers.

In the past we've hosted a June celebration of summer called "A Robinette Solstice," and we hope to return to that again.

For more information on Robinette Farms, check out their Facebook Page at: https://www.facebook.com/robinettefarms/ or their website: http://www.robinettefarms.com.